ERP Crystal Business [on Oracle ADF ]

An Business enterprise application, suitable to all the manufacturing, trading business organizations falling under various categories.
Crystal is based on the theme of industrial digitalization & providing a platform to accept new generation demands with technological Add-ons. Providing controls, maintaining the records and easy access to the required set of information to right person is the base objective of the application.

Business Owner(s) can now manage the organizational resources while having glimpse of the events and contents of resource movements centrally.
Be in Relax mode, while on the move

Engineering Vertical

Engineering-n-Automobile processes with smart CRM capabilities.

Chemical Pharma

Sensitive property of Items with Lot wise controls of Expiry date for usage.

Gems & Jewellery

Look and Feel with Item Images on-line with MRP pricing concepts

Plastic Moulding

On-line stock in dual units. View Stock qty in Nos and Kgs both together.

Project Managements

Project Execution with BOQ and Item handling. Project Plan with Gantt chart.


Construction of Road/ Bridges/ Tunnels & Buildings, with Showroom features.

Our Expertise

Technologically proficient and motivated team under supervision of functional experts having exposure of ERP Development and Implementation experience of over two decades. Our resources are well equipped with R&D oriented calibre. Any new functionality can be incorporated in just a matter of time. Boundaries are not meant for us, we work beyond expectations while delivering the required infrastructure and needs of organizations.

Oracle ADF

Oracle Framework for Enterprise Application development

Oracle WebCenter

Oracle Framework for Web-portal Development and e-commerce solutions

Oracle MAF

Oracle Framework for Mobile Applications Development (Android and iOS)

.NET Environment

ASP.NET development preferably for light applications with SQL Database

PHP Environment

PHP based technological solution for customized applications

JAVA Development

Core JAVA development environment for turnkey projects

Technology We Use

Expertise on gen-next tools and technologies

Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF)




JavaScript & jQuery


Oracle DB, Weblogic & Jasper Reports


Why People like us?

Perfectness in Application delivery

Our delivered contents are highly perfect in terms of functionality and look & feel

On time delivery as per commitment and expectations are to be considered
Our functional experts are having exposure of more than 18-20 years in ERP Implementation with various industry segments
Our pricing is reasonable and competitive. The result pays the value for your investments

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